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  • Nonprofits

  • Developers

  • Homebuilders

  • Landlords

  • Financial Institutions

  • Educational Institutions

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Employers

  • Workforce Intermediaries

  • City & County Government

  • Economic Development Corporations

  • Incubators & Accelerators

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Neighborhood Associations

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Our Community Impact Goals

  • Create Attainable Housing

  • Accelerate Business Growth

  • Create Jobs / Train Workforce

  • Amplify Nonprofits

  • Serve Our Neighbors

  • Improve Quality of Life

What is People-Centered Community Economic Development?

Framework For Structuring Action Items

  • Provide small businesses affordable, flexible spaces to grow 

  • Support residents’ health, safety, quality-of-life ammenities, and well-maintained environment

Built Environment

  • Provide residents access to attainable housing 

Economic Ecosystem

  • Connect residents to quality employment in their area

  • Provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with capital and assistance to grow and expand

  • Support creativity, idea exchange, and innovation among residents and businesses

Social Environment

  • Promote trust among residents, and facilitate interaction within the community

  • Value the cultural and historical identities of communities

  • Provide residents and small businesses with a dynamic, activated, and welcoming public realm

Civic Infrastructure

  • Support place governance structures with funding, expertise, and partnerships

  • Advance new networks and organizations within the community

  • Encourage transparency and fairness in decision making

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People, nonprofits, and small businesses, which in turn benefits local and regional economies

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